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Nano Bible Jewelry - Rhombus Necklace with Engraved Bible - Lightening Design

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Nano Bible Jewelry: Carry the Entire Bible in this Stylish Rhombus Necklace with Lightning-like Engravings

Discover the marvels of nano bible jewelry with this unique rhombus necklace, featuring striking engraved lines reminiscent of lightning. Crafted in your choice of 14K gold, 14K white gold, sterling silver, or luxurious vermeil, this extraordinary piece of bible jewelry allows you to carry the entire scripture with you wherever you go.

The nano bible, a 0.5 cm chip containing the complete Bible, is ingeniously integrated into this stylish necklace, making it a powerful symbol of your faith and roots. The lightning-like engravings add a bold, modern touch, ensuring this nano jewellery stands out as a fashionable accessory for the discerning man.

  • Pendant measurements: Height: 0.7"/1.7cm   Width: 0.5"/1.2cm
  • Material: 14k gold, 14k white gold, sterling silver, sterling silver gold plated (vermeil).
  • Chain length: 16.5" (42cm), 18" (45cm),  20" (50cm), 24" (60cm)
  • Water-resistant and durable. While our gold plating is of high quality, we recommend minimizing exposure to water to maintain its luster and durability.
  • Shipped from Israel.
  • Sustainable features: recycled metal, upcycled.
  • Items may include additional materials or methods that aren't considered sustainable
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  • The Nano Bible is securely connected to the jewelry using an inlay technique, ensuring its security and protection. This enables the jewelry to be worn in water without any concerns, except for the gold-plated version.
  • The Nano Bible size is 0.5*0.5 cm, engraved with all 27 books of the New Testament or 24 books of the Old Testament.
  • Each letter of the Nano Bible is approximately 100 times thinner than a strand of hair.
  • Each jewelry piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, confirming the chip content.
  • The jewelry arrives in a beautifully designed gift pack, ready to be presented to someone special.

Elevate your style and celebrate your faith with this extraordinary nano bible jewelry – a unique rhombus necklace with lightning-like engravings.


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Hand-Set Nano Bible

The Nano Bible is set with precision, akin to diamond settings, ensuring unmatched durability and elegance. This technique offers longevity and craftsmanship in each piece.


Each of our jewelry pieces has a hidden treasure: the entire Bible written inside the brown square. Our designs complement the holy Bible, wrapping it in beautiful jewelry.

We use a speical technology to write the entire Bible, consisting of 503,493 words in the Old Testament and 181,253 words in the New Testament, to a size that is 10,000 times smaller. We've been developing this technology since 2004.

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Certainly! Our jewelry and the nano Bible are fully waterproof, meaning they can withstand unexpected downpours or even a swim in the pool without any damage, ensuring your piece remains safe and radiant. However, for the Gold vermeil option, we recommend keeping it out of water to prevent any potential fading.

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Hello ! I couldn't be happier with my wonderful purchase of this real treasure ! It is so meaningful, top quality and surpassed my expectations. I so highly recommend this brand.

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Louisiana, USA

Love it. Fast shipping and just what I expected.

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Elizabeth A
Miami, USA

This store is FANTASTIC, customer service and quality are amazing! Highly reccommend!

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Hamilton, Canada

Such a beautiful ring! There was a small hiccup with shipping and they handled it immediately-very responsive. I would order from them again!

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No problems. Great company.

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